Precise Motor Control

Intelligent devices make up smart connected systems. With the information that you receive from smart motor control devices, you can make smart and informed decisions.



Longer Equipment Life

Industrial plants that often contain several thousand motors to provide the necessary motion, any unplanned or sudden motor stops can lead to faults in the process sequence, which can be very cost-intensive. For this reason, reliable management and protection of these motors is of vital importance for ensuring a controlled production sequence.


Energy Effecient

The need for intelligence in motor control System has been magnified by recent technology trends such as Industry 4.0, IoT and Industrial Ethernet.


The enhanced process data made available by intelligent Motor Control solutions help you to maximize the availability of your plant, making sure that even in the event of a process stop, it enables it to run again.


Shel Automation integrates intelligent devices that include state-of-the-art motor control technology components and features that offer optimal motor control, protection, power monitoring, communications, and automation interfacing.