Industrial Gases

Lab Gas Detection System

The client was looking for a centralized Gas detection and Alarm system for the entire building. The building has 4 floors with multiple research labs on each floor. The labs are equipped with gas lines carrying different gases which include hazardous and toxic gases used for conducting isolated experiments. Apart from Detection and Alarm generation, the client required the system to shut off valves on gas lines in case of leak or other emergency situations.

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Oil & Gas

Fumehood exhaust control for R&D Lab at DQUM Refinery, Oman.

Our team Designed and Developed the Control Panels at our facitity. The PLC and HMI programs were developed and tested at our In-house facility. Onsite Installation and commissioning work was carried out successfully by our engineers.

Food & Beverage

Automatic Peeling & Washing System for Carrots & Ginger

Our Team Studied the existing system and upgraded the entire control system with more visualization, safety features and power usage optimization.

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Paint & Coatings

Automation of Extruder Lines

New control panels were designed and developed. PID loops were tuned for precise control of barrel temperature. New Sensors were installed and the system was programmed with essential interlocks, also access level restrictions were added to enhance user and machine safety. Historical Trends and Alarm Logs were incorporated in the system for ease in troubleshooting and analysis. Complete replacement of field cabling with proper Tagging and Ferruling was done. System was successfully Commissioned and handed over to client with proper Training and Documentation.

Industrial Gases

Power and control system for Helium gas filling station

We successfully designed, installed and commissioned the Helium compressor control system for the mobile filling unit of our client. The system was completely tested along with several safety interlocks and is currently functional.

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