Productivity is a critical factor in the progress of any industry.

In the Manufacturing segment, Machine breakdowns can have adverse negative impact on productivity, leading to huge losses. Its cardinal that Industries are well prepared to stay up and running 24×7. Preventive Maintenance is the key to achieving this.

a milligram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure.

John Robert Colombo

It can be defined as a proactive maintenance routine, which is periodically carried out whilst the equipment/instrument is still running. This helps reduce the chances of Machine Failure.

What is PMS?

At Shel Automation we understand the importance of implementing Preventive Maintenance routine, thus we have made it an integral part of our systems. All our new systems include a feature called “Preventive Maintenance Scheduling”.

This feature notifies the user periodically about Instruments / Equipment that are due for maintenance. This enforcement has received positive feedback from majority of our clients. We believe that improvement is a continuous process, hence we pledge to keep Improving & Innovating.